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Facebook & Social Media

in South African History

The world is getting smaller. This is partly because of the cheaper and more accessible means of communication. Especially for South African as the internet industry is growing rappidly as more people get online. The last couple of years has seen South Africans have become some of the top users to social networking groups like facebook! In 2007 South Africa was one of the fastest growing countries using facebook.

So WHY am I making an issue about this and WHAT does that have to do with Family History and Genealogy?

Well, nothing and everything! Take a simple search for some genealogical key words and see the results! Find groups like “Genealogy” and connect with people all over the world that have similar interests.

Also with new applications like We’re Related (Currently the 2nd most used application on facebook with almost 12 million users) it just goes to show HOW many people are interested in finding their roots! : Use these tools for doing your family history!

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