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Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions

The purpose of this disclaimer is to state the terms of use between you, the client, and Jacqueline du Plessis, the researcher.

Editing and site modification

The researcher reserves the right in its sole discretion, to edit or delete any information appearing on the site, at any time.

The researcher reserves the right to update this contract, or the price/s relating to the service offered at any time, without prior notice.

Right to Refuse and Waiting Period

The researcher holds the right to refuse her availability of service. This will be made clear to you, should this aspect become applicable.

There is an applicable waiting period of 3 to 6 months in the case of extended periods of research.


The researcher is hereby not held responsible for any loss, claim or expense relating to any links on this site, or to any attorneys fees in the case of the client’s use of this site or violation of this contract.


Please note that the clients right to the use of this service is not transferable and is subject to any limits incurred by the clients credit card company or any limits established by the researcher.

Refund Policy

The researcher holds the right to refund a client if, for whatever reason, the service is not able to be conducted. No other refunds will be given.
Payment received by the researcher from the client is solely for the researchers TIME and is not in any way based on results (or lack of thereof), or of the client is unhappy with the results. 

Use of Information

The researcher reserves the right, and the Client gives their consent, for any and all information supplied by the Client to be used for the purposes of service completion.


This contract represents the understanding between you as the client and I, the researcher. Through the hiring of my services, you are hereby agreeing to the above mentioned aspects.

Please note the following research activities which I do NOT do:

Birth, Marriage or Death Records. (Please contact Home Affairs for this, though getting one of these is next to impossible. Barring a missing will of a direct deceased relative to whom you are next of kin, you are unlikely to be granted access to these records.)

Census Research – there really isn’t access to this.

Adoption or birth parent searches for people still living