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Cemeteries in Cape Town

in Cemetaries, South Africa, South African Research

Cemeteries in Cape Town (South Africa) are divided into 4 regional areas.

  • The Northern District
  • The Central District
  • The Southern District
  • The Eastern District



Useful Tip:

You can find a full list of government/public cemeteries if you click the button below.

For further information, or if you want to know how to contact these regional offices, you can reach them on the numbers below. 

Southern district: (021) 710-8000

Central district: (021) 444-0904/0906/0911

Northern district: (021) 550-1052/1053/7639

Eastern district: (021) 900-1902/1659/1677

Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 16:00