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Birth, Marriage and Death Records

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Important note: Attaining government Birth Marriage and Death Records are one of the most difficult and challenging records to access. But, if you are determined to access these records I will explain below how you can attempt to request these records from the South African Government, but don’t hold your breath. Please also note that I CANNOT assist you if you decided to persue this route. HOWEVER, if you just are wanting to know your ancestor’s death date and place, or birth and marriage information – the is ANOTHER WAY and I can help you with that.

There are other documents available to the public for searching at the local archives in South Africa. These I can often access, and many people who visit this site hire me to find out if THESE records are available for their ancestors or people in their family tree. In time, I’ve been able to help all my paying cleints get answers to their questions. So, if you’ve been lost and stuck and not sure where to do next, I’d like to help and assistant and you can hire me here.

Below is the information on South African Birth Marriage and Death Records

2015 update: The office of Home Affairs are much harder to work with for genealogy reasons. You can still attempt it, but the chances of being turned down or refusal is high.

South African “Civil Registration” is not available for public viewing unfortunately.

Basically that means no index or personal searching. However if you have sufficient information about an ancestor you can order a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate from the South African Department of Home Affairs.


Click to download the application forms: Birth   |  Death

If you have your ancestors Identity Number it is supposed to speed up the process, however don’t be in too much of a hurry to receive a certificate, staffing is limited and of course people requesting their own certificates are a priority.

Note: I do not offer a service for acquiring birth or death certificates as it can be a long and lengthy process (wait time 6-12 months). 

But what I can do, is provide you with the two forms application forms for applying for these documents.

 To download the applications forms you need to send to Home Affairs, click the PDF form you’d like below.



Depending on which country you are in, will determine how much the application will cost you, and where you need to mail the form.

If you are applying from the US applications are around $10 (+shipping), click here for mailing options .

If you are applying from Australia are $11 AUD, click here for where to mail your application.

For UK applications are 7 pounds, and click here for the address.

And if you are South Africa, you will just have to go into Home Affairs to apply.

Please note: If you aren’t able to fill out the form entirely, you are taking the risk that the South African Government and Home Affairs will not process your application.


But please note that going DIRECTLY for the Birth/Death certificate of the person you are looking for  is NOT the only place to begin your research, or to find birth/marriage or death information on the person you are looking for.
And unless you have their full name, date of event (birth/death) and you most likely won’t get lucky receiving the birth/death certificate from the Department of Home Affairs.

If you feel a little disheartened by this, especially since the SA surviving census’ are apparently only statistical, there is good news!

Two words… okay four: Death Notices and Estate Files!!!

These are the most richest genealogy documents available in South Africa.

If you need assistance researching this information on the National Archival system, I would be happy to assist you with your research if you hire me to do so.

Fill out your request here <— fill our your name and email and confirm you are willing to pay for my research assistance, and I will be in touch.