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South African Family History

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Although South Africa has only been a union since 1910 and an independent country since 1961 its immigrant history spans three and a half centuries. South Africa’s historical birth is 1652, when the Dutch landed at the Cape of Good Hope to establish a way-station to assist ships en-route to the East. From these humble beginning South… click to continue reading

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There are SO many books that have been written about South African's history, the trick is, can you find one that's not too biased. I found what I feel is a wonderful book that I would recommend to anyone interested in a unbiased and interesting history of South Africa. I am only in chapter 4 but… click to continue reading

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The Western Cape Provincial Archives and Records Service is located on Roeland Street, Cape Town. It is free for the public to visit and search their records. Address: 72 Roeland Street, Cape Town, South Africa. You can part on the street where available, or off-road parking is available for the public on Drury Lane. Call (021) 466… click to continue reading

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Cemeteries in Cape Town (South Africa) are divided into 4 regional areas. The Northern District The Central District The Southern District The Eastern District     You can find a full list of government/public cemeteries if you click the button below. For further information, or if you want to know how to contact these regional offices… click to continue reading


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) will assist the public for FREE with their family history if you visit one of their family history centers around the country. Read more here. Note: Before visiting the location try call before hand as most (except the Johannesburg Center) are not open daily. Address: 5A… click to continue reading

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The Dutch Reformed Church has partnered with Family Search!! It's amazing!!! They have digitized almost half a MILLION images of the Dutch Reformed Church all over Africa. The countries it covers, is... Botswana Malawi Namibia South Africa Zambia Zimbabwe Specifically for South Africa, these cover 3 provinces... South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Records, Stellenbosch Archive… click to continue reading


The British 1820 Settlers were immigrants from the United Kingdom - who came to South Africa for various reasons and opportunities. Many South African's today have ancestors who originated from this early immigrants - arriving in SA almost 200 years ago! To learn more about the ships and passengers there are some great books you can search for on Google… click to continue reading

Family Indexing

  You can now search the THOUSANDS of South African records and names that have been indexed on   You could also sign up as a volunteer to INDEX or TRANSCRIBE (a fancy word for basically typing what you see on a record).    … click to continue reading

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Family Search Indexing is currently preparing the Cape Province Dutch Reformed Church records to be indexed! I was  recently a PM tester and added suggestions before they made it available to the public. Soon it will be available for all volunteers to index.  Keep checking on their Current Projects list. Please volunteer to index these… click to continue reading

The site below is awesome! Lots of good stuff for assisting you with your research. Enjoy browsing the Library of Congress COUNTRY study. South Africa is represented! // //… click to continue reading